Gulf Car Festival 2018

The Gulf Car Festival, since its launch in 2014 is one of the most anticipated Car Show in the UAE every year. Soon after its raging success in 2017, participants, car clubs and fans were in preparation for Gulf Car Festival 2018. Some participants had extensive work done on their cars for the purpose of this event. The anticipation was worth it with 25,000 sqm of space packed with cars and fans.

Organized by Events ME and hosted at Dubai Festival City GCF 2018 spanned over 3 days, 15th November to 17th November with participation from a staggering 1,500 show cars. There was a noticeable decrease in organization from last year, as the cars were parked with no particular order and the organizers were confused as to which participants on the red carpet actually paid the fee to be there.

The Gulf Car Festival had 3 major themes, one for each day. The first day was American Muscle. It was the time to shine for major muscle car clubs in Dubai such as UAE Dodge Club, American 500, AE Legacy, UAE Car Chicks and many more. Sahad Ibrahim won first place for most unique muscle car with his Liberty Walk Challenger Hellcat, affectionately called Blood Splatter for its unique paint job that looks like he just committed a triple homicide hit and run.


The second day was for Supercars and exotics, Supercars Majlis, one of the biggest supercar clubs in the middle east made an appearance. The Supercars Majlis parade was a spectacle, with Laborghinis, Ferrarris and McLarens just to name a few. Instagram celebrity Natalia Itani made an appearance in her signature purple Lamborghini much to the delight of her 223,000 fans. Even the McLaren Senna made an appearance which went on to win first place for Showstopper Supercar and Vijeesh Varghese with his Dodge Viper bagging second place for the same. Team Schnell attended with a unique mixture of exotics from a McLaren 720s and a Lamborghini Performante to a 1000+ HP Supra.

Vijeesh Varghese’s dodge Viper
McLaren Senna

The third day was for JDM and 4x4s with many off-road and 4×4 clubs joining the event. The parade of Supras by UAE Supra Owners was a sight to behold, something quite impossible anywhere else in the UAE with the constant burnouts and deafening backfiring. Each car competing with the next on who can spit more flames.  Vijeesh Varghese bagged another prize for unique 4×4 with his truly unique Hummer H1 in an eye catching Blue.


Throughout the 3 days, revving and backfiring became the soundtrack of the show with MoeMoneyOfficial, an Instagram celebrity, hosting the event. The festival had a few celebrity appearances with PopeyStrong pulling a car with his teeth alongside his daughter, SupercarBlondie made an appearance for a meet and greet and the beloved Instagram celebrity VTC attended all 3 days, bursting eardrums with his own Nissan VTC. The stunt drifting shows with renowned stunt drifters such as Akdora and Nasser Ansari was something that sets Gulf Car Festival apart from the other car shows in the UAE. They managed to create a haven for petrolheads to let out their frustrations, push their cars to the limits they were built for and do things like backfires and burnouts to their hearts content with no fear, the kind of things they would normally get fined for outside the walls of Gulf Car Festival. What seems like noise to most was music in our ears and the smell of burning rubber was celebrated. What’s to love about the Gulf Car Festival? How it unites so many people with one passion, cars. The community it creates, the relationships it helps foster. Like many others we look forward to how they’ll top this next year!



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